The PeekForward Method

Learn how to master the method of venture planning, corporate, and personal transformation.

First you look forward.

You go "three whys deep"

Then you look back.

Reconstruct your story.

Then you look forward again - with a new approach.

Strategic Amnesia

I know it sounds funny, but after you PeekForward, you have to look back. It's necessary for you to dig deep, in just the right way, to recognize your limiting beliefs, and your bad habits - create new criteria.

The crap that gets in the way of progress runs deep!

The Strategic Amnesia Method enables you to grow beyond your previous limitations, and the limitations of your team. This starts with you, and trickles out.

You can make it look and feel easy.

Imagine Life

Dr. Joe Dispenza is the master of this concept. We get so deep in our hole, or so deep in our muscle memory, it's tougher than you think to break the cycle. I call it using the Strategic Amnesia method.

The best way I can describe this is, limiting beliefs run through our unconscious mind. It takes a special effort for you to be able to watch the old beliefs transform into your new ways and vision.

Design How

Now that you have a new outlook and a fresh start established, it's incredibly important to have clarity around how you're going to get things accomplished. Strategic Amnesia gives you different decision criteria to act on.

Branding or Re-Branding Always Hits the Spot!

Let's do it together! You'll love the experience!

New results require new ways, new strategies. Humans are innately creatures of habit, yet everyone appreciates change and growth when it's done the PeekForward way.

Make & Keep It Real

There's an approach to training and the words you and your team use that helps you all break old habits, and see and say new things and new ways. Words, cadence,'s all an art.

Plus, it's vitally important to have processes and a reinforcement strategy in place that celebrates the new ways and new results - and that continues to keenly evolve over time.

Erika makes

it look so

easy peasy

The nation's choice of expert panelist and keynote speaker

You'll see!

She's an incredible expert panelist, trainer, or keynote speaker.

Her presentation and communication style is very upbeat, fast-paced, interactive, and authentic.

Plus, her wisdom oozes through in a way that makes even very complex feats seem easy.